Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Recently I just check out this film name Django Unchained, directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film was released on 25 December of 2012, but then the film does not look like a film of present. Because of the style of Anamorphic that prefer by Quentin Tarantino, he say this film is about wild west, the color of the film must explodes as much as possible.

Richardson is referring to the Technicolor IB process, used to create the vibrant colors in Hollywood classics like Gone With the Wind and Shane. Richardson used digital techniques to mimic the dye transfer process in The Aviator, but he says that Tarantino prefers to use the digital intermediate only for effects that could be accomplished using photochemical printer light techniques. But Richardson says that the film’s color palette was mostly controlled in the production design, including costumes. The lush greens of Louisiana also contrasted naturally with the brown tones inherent in the Western locations.

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Lighting the night

Nighttime shots for cinematographers are frequently a challenge, particularly with film stock, which is still the medium of choice for Mr. Tarantino. One scene involves an evening encounter with an early version of the Ku Klux Klan. The sequence required some tricky lighting to capture images of torch-wielding characters on horseback along with hints of their surroundings. Giant lamps called “moons,” hovering 145 feet above the ground, shined down on the set to illuminate the landscape. Other lights on the side gave further texture to the location. “It is an extraordinarily complex and expensive lighting setup,” Mr. Richardson said.


Shooting some lil video in Liverpool, UK!

Well, due to the current subject, we were to create some frictional character, and then we going to create something that horror.

To make peoples believe this horror thing is exist, we decided to make a small video shooting with bunch of student play hide & seek in a random park, with every player own a smartphone and record itself, (POV) so everyone is very clear what is going on.

We create a very basic storyline, one of the hider suddenly something happen on him/her and he/she just go disappear, thats it.

Too bad I didn’t take any photo of behind the scenes, because of quite busying handling everything, because of this sunset is a magic hour for us to shoot something between this hour, don’t wish to loss any time of it.


Western Culture and Eastern Culture

Malaysia is in Asia so we are belong to Asia, but what curiosity of Malaysia is the culture of here is totally mix up, east and west, due to multi culture multi races here, people here is very flexible. We have Chinese here, some of us is still very traditional, like we are Chinese we must know how to write Chinese word, but some of the Chinese here had already lost the original culture, they are just like the Chinese over western country, they doesn’t know how to speak any language of Chinese, but just English and local language Malay. So the thoughts of everyone here is occasionally is different. With the different of thinking, the design identity of each person have different goal, I find it quite interesting when a Chinese ( with western culture ) combine with a Chinese ( typical eastern culture ) will make something extraordinary.

With this unique multi culture here in Malaysia, when it adapt into film industry, it can produce some creative story just like some chemical react. The local artist/director/singer/songwritter



He is very patriotic person who always tell us the citizen of Malaysia we must love our own culture which cannot be found in any other country, with the uniqueness of multi culture we must appreciate it much. Namewee first directed movie is called Nasi Lemak, it is a name of a common dish in Malaysia, for direct translate to English is Oil Rice, but why Nasi Lemak? Because Nasi Lemak is made of some basic ingredient, not the really oil, Pandan Rice, Dry Anchovy, Boiled Egg, Peanut and the Sambal. All of these ingredient is mix with different culture, Sambal from Indian, Pandan Rice from Malay, Dry Anchovy with Peanut from Chinese, so the taste of it is very splendid!


Back to the film, Nasi Lemak is talking about the 3 big race in Malaysia which is Malay, Chinese and Indian, racist is found everywhere in Malaysia actually, Namewee wanted to show us we must anti racist so we can would make a better future in Malaysia, a lot of corruption innocuous scene include in this film and show us, we found it funny but it is really happen in Malaysia. What I really like about Namewee is, he is very brave to speak out his voice to public which felt is unjustified through his film and sometimes with his rap music.


In the second master piece of Namewee, Hantu Gangster ( direct translate to english is Ghost Mafia ) he is again critics the problems of racist in Malaysia through comedy film.

I am very interest in this crossing culture and produce a creative and interesting film, the reference above is what I wish to do, he is kinda a inspiration to me somehow, but when the time before Namewee is appear, some film I am quite find myself enjoying is Jackie Chan movie, he is also once produce some cross culture movie like Shanghai Knight, Rush Hour, Around the world in 80 days and some others. Jackie Chan has a famous quote “There maybe many language between each of every different country but there is only one language in film industry so everyone would understand each other, that language called Film Language”.

Title sequence of Buddhist’s Palm

Buddha’s Palm is movie that produced in 1960 at Hong Kong by Shaw Brothers Studio. In the first year of Advanced Diploma, within Motion Graphic this subject we are been appoint to remake and reproduce title sequence for the old school film before 70s.

ImagePersonally I like Hong Kong movie very much so I decided to remake this Buddha’s Palm. It is a very famous movie that known by everyone even untill now, because of the epicness of it, even the block buster movie now like Journey to The West: Conquering the Demons by Steven Chow is using some of the story cut scene of Buddha’s Palm and some of the Kung Fu.
I did research about the Kung Fu every moves, steps and each of every level. Research the ancient chinese books made with paper and strings or bamboo.

Here my work on youtube!

Well, what I can see myself in two years time would actually jumped in the local production house making some local movie. A film making company of cause producing some movie or maybe commercial and also maybe drama.

Aloha, today is a good day to start up my first post of this blog!

Hello all, this is Leon Ho from Malaysia which will be going to UK Liverpool John Moores University soon to undertaking my degree in Digital Media Design.

Well, I am a person that love to watch movie, every kind of movies that is interesting no matter is it Horror, Action, Sentimental or Documentary. 

And today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite film which Lord of The Ring. It not the 10 years ago version, I am talking this new Peter Jackson’s new movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey !! 


It is a fantastic film to me, the Era of Middle Earth, a world of mystical creature like Orcs, Ent, Wizard, Gollum, Elf, Dwarf and even some legendary creature like the Big Eagles, Moving Mountain Giant, Nazgul and a lot of wonderful living thing in this film.

Beside that what I really like about this film is the production that actually produces this film, with a director Peter Jackson, every crew is enjoying what they doing, with lotsa departments it is like a big family that working together live together for around 9 months +.
Peter Jackson had explained that why is it different then any of other movie it is because of the HFR (High Frame Rate) which is shooting with Red Cam and with 48 FPS(Frame Per Second) With using 2 Red Cam to make it as amazing 3D effects, this movie is look completely stunning with the effects of it (I even using my own hand to wave off the dust that right in front of me!) 
Peter Jackson also said that 24 FPS film is use as standard film that project in cinema now is actually a technology of 1927 because of that time 35mm film stock is very expensive, so it needs to be as slow as possible. However, the early optical soundtrack required a minimum speed to achieve fidelity of the sound. 24 fps was decided on, and became the industry standard for over 80 years, with cinemas all around the world installing mechanical projectors only capable of projecting at 24 fps.

Well, I did worked in production house before as a trainee, which doing a job of PA(Production Assistant), the way of productions here is a about budget, with the limited investor, so the way of producing the film is quite suffer, using 1 day which 24 hours to finish a 3 days job which the Hollywood film maker would make it relax and enjoy the shooting within 3 days. I am looking forward to go Hollywood someday so that I can actually feel the sensation of Hollywood Film making!

Alright I think that’s it for today, hope you all don’t felt boring what I’m posting here, it just my reaction with the film that I love and my dream.